Dr. Hannes Kuch

Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy and 
Critical Political Economy

 I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the Goethe University, Frankfurt. I am interested in markets, capitalism and alternative economies, such as market socialism or demoratic planning. I also work on ethical life, recognition, symbolic vulnerability and linguistic violence. My main interests in the history of philosophy are Hegel, Marx and 20th century critical theories, broadly conceived.
My new book on Hegel and liberal socialism was published in the series of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research at Campus Verlag.

Recent talks

"Capitalism, Critique, and Utopia", VIII Critical Theory Conference on "Democratic innovations and economic transformations" (PUCP Lima), starting at 38:00

"Pluraler Kooperativismus",  Hannover Institute for Philosophical Research 

Recent publications

Wirtschaft, Demokratie und liberaler Sozialismus [Economy, Democracy, and Liberal Socialism], Frankfurt/M., New York: Campus, 2023.

Difficulties in Nurturing a Sense of Justice“, in: Journal of Social Philosophy, Special Issue „Rawls at 100/Theory at 50“, online first, 2023

A blogpost about Rawls as a Hegelian and liberal socialism on praefaktisch.de

Why socializing big corporations can be justified, in weiter denken. Journal für Philosophie